Setting womens rights back 50+ years. lolwomensrights


heavy trigger warnings for rape.

all right, I’ve calmed down enough to post this, and hell fuckin’ no I ain’t blurrin’ out names. 

hi my name is rachael, and this is why feminism is still needed. I have nothing else to say.

EDIT: names were blurred out. please stop sending them death threats :c

Everyone loves a good rape joke.

Anonymous said: This blog is ridiculously offensive, mean, amazing, funny and adorable. Keep it going, sir!

t-thank you. please let this be real.

Anonymous said: you are a sorry excuse for a human being

You should go outside and meet more people.

Anonymous said: I picture u as an ugly piece of shit who's upset that no girl will ever like him and therefore must make a blog dedicated to degrading woman. You should be so proud of yourself!!!!!

This is very true.