Setting womens rights back 50+ years. lolwomensrights

"Mmmm, sexism. De-lish!

Transcript below the jump

Guy 1: Great party!
Guy 2: Yeah, don’t know about Tiffany wearing a white dress, though!
Tiffany’s dad: Excuse me, why shouldn’t my daughter be wearing white?
Voiceover: Need a moment? Try the chocolate, caramel and fresh cookie crunch of Twix.
Guy 2: Well sir, Tiffany has such a warm personality. She should be wearing a warm color.
Tiffany’s dad: You know, Tiffany is the sunshine of my life. I’ve got another daughter, want to meet her?
Guy 1: I do.
Tiffany’s dad: No, not you. She’s right over here.
Voiceover: When you need a moment, chew it over with Twix.”

Chew It Over, You Dicks (Via. Feministing)